We use public health research to support social justice movements.

We leverage public health research to advocate for changes that advance health and equity, and build partnerships between public health and community organizing partners and movements.

Housing Justice Program

Housing and Health for All: A stable, affordable, quality home is necessary for our wellbeing and dignity. Our homes are a basic human need and should be a right for all of us, not a commodity. Public health has a crucial role to play in leveraging our knowledge, political power, data, resources and skills to help make housing a basic right for all people, and build power with grassroots housing justice movements. Learn more about the program.

Economic Security Speakers Bureau

In an effort to broaden and deepen the network of public health folks available to support organizing partners and speak to the media on economic security and health, we convened and trained a national Economic Security Speakers Bureau. The speakers bureau consists of public health professionals from across the field who can act as a resource for movement and organizing partners who want to bring a public health framing and perspective to their campaigns. Learn more about the speakers bureau and how speakers can support your campaign.

Advocacy Materials

Our goal is for public health organizations and practitioners to actively participate in policy change and advocacy work in partnership with other community organizers to advance justice across housing and land use, economic security, community safety, immigration, and more. Our advocacy materials page showcases examples of ways to do that using public health research.

Public Health Awakened

The Public Health Awakened initiative is composed of a network of 2,000+ public health professionals organizing for health, equity, and justice. We mobilize members to work with social justice movements on strategic and collective action to resist the threats faced by communities of color and low-income communities, and to advocate for a world in which everyone can thrive.

Abolitionist Public Health Student Network

An effort of our Health Instead of Punishment team, the Abolitionist Public Health Student Network is an ongoing network for undergraduate and graduate public health students interested in learning more about abolition and working on abolitionist campaigns on their campuses. Our goal is to build capacity within the field of public health for understanding and advocating for abolition of the prison industrial complex as a public health strategy.

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