We use public health research to support social justice movements.

Being researchers doesn’t preclude us in public health from also advocating for changes that advance health and equity. We build partnerships between public health and social justice groups to help public health learn to use its power — knowledge, skills, and resources — to be an ally to community organizing partners and movements.

A COVID-19 Response & Recovery Health Equity Policy Platform

Governmental public health agencies need to be strong, consistent advocates for equity as they work in concert with other local and state authorities to address the novel coronavirus pandemic. HIP collated a cross-sector policy platform for public health to act on the conditions that create inequities in health outcomes.

Advocacy Materials

Our goal is for public health organizations and practitioners to actively participate in policy change and advocacy work in partnership with other community organizers to advance justice across housing and land use, economic security, community safety, immigration, and more. Our advocacy materials page showcases examples of ways to do that using public health research.

Public Health Awakened

The Public Health Awakened initiative is composed of a network of 2,000+ public health professionals organizing for health, equity, and justice. We mobilize members to work with social justice movements on strategic and collective action to resist the threats faced by communities of color and low-income communities, and to advocate for a world in which everyone can thrive.

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