Capacity Building

We build public health’s capacity to advance transformative health equity.

We envision a future where all communities are thriving, healthy, and liberated from oppression. To achieve this, we must shift the way public health organizations work with communities and center racial justice. We strengthen the capacity of public health organizations and city, county, state, tribal, and territorial health departments to transform the systems, policies, practices, and relationships that maintain unjust power imbalances, structural racism, and other forms of oppression that are the root causes of health inequities.

Through our trainings, technical assistance, leadership development, and health equity tools and resources, HIP is committed to building the capacity of the field to act on this vision.

Our training and technical assistance supports internal, cross-agency, and community work that:

Integrates the head and heart
Integrates the head and the heart, thereby transforming the relationships, practices, policies, and systems that maintain inequities.
Advances equity and racial justice
Advances equity and racial justice through structural solutions.
Builds, shifts, and shares power
Builds, shifts, and shares power with communities, and aligns with social movements.
Cultivates authentic leadership
Builds visionary, strategic, and authentic leadership that can help grow a liberation culture.

This work is grounded in HIP’s commitment to deepening democracy. We aim to make government more democratic, transparent, and accountable by changing internal systems and practices, and by growing deeper relationships that model co-governance among public institutions and community organizations.


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As a field, public health has a clear understanding that inequities in health exist. However, there are many questions around why those inequities exist, how to eliminate inequities, and what the field’s role is in challenging those inequities. Read more about or offerings to see how we can support you in advancing health equity:

Capacity Building Services

We offer tailored, hands on training and Technical Assistance to public health organizations to advance a transformative health equity practice that places addressing structural racism, other forms of oppression, and power imbalances at the heart of their work.


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Health Equity Awakened: A Leadership Institute

Our Leadership Institute is a 12-month national leadership development initiative to cultivate emerging leaders within governmental public health — who are committed to advancing health and racial equity — by building their capacity at the person, role, and systems level. This intentional learning community aims to deepen the leadership of participants to more radically transform their organizations to advance health equity.


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Health Equity Tools and Resources

HIP has also created many tools and resources to support public health practitioners operationalize their health equity practice — these focus on communications, messaging, analysis, and Health Impact Assessment-related resources.

Our signature tool is the Health Equity Guide, a resource that includes key strategic practices and examples of how health departments can advance health equity — both internally within their departments and externally with communities and other government agencies.


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