Capacity Building

We believe public health can lead systems change across government.

Equity is a core value within public health — yet public health practitioners face significant barriers in advancing equity, particularly inside government. We focus much of our capacity building on governmental public health because we see it as a pioneer in making systems change within government more broadly.

Our trainings, technical assistance, materials, and leadership development efforts are rooted in a theory of change, which we call an “inside/outside approach.” Our approach requires health departments to build a will to act on the social determinants of health and the root causes of inequity, including oppression and power imbalances. It also requires developing relationships with and mobilizing communities and government to advocate for action on health equity.

We created to showcase 25+ stories of the inside/outside approach in action and to inspire other health departments to build power for health equity.

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Trainings and Technical Assistance

We offer training and technical assistance for public health practitioners and their partners to build power to advance health equity, to conduct Health Impact Assessments (HIA), and to implement Health In All Policies (HiAP) strategies.

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Health Equity Awakened: A Leadership Institute

Our Leadership Institute is a 12-month national leadership development initiative to cultivate emerging leaders within governmental public health — who are committed to advancing health and racial equity — by building their capacity at the person, role, and systems level. This intentional learning community aims to deepen the leadership of participants to more radically transform their organizations to advance health equity.

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HIA Publications and Resources

Much of our early history at HIP focused on building the field of HIA. While our research approaches have significantly widened beyond HIA, we have curated a set of HIA publications and resources to support practitioners who want to advance more equity-oriented HIAs.

Resources include materials from the Society of Practitioners of Health Impact Assessment (SOPHIA), an association of individuals and organizations providing leadership and promoting excellence in the practice of health impact assessment, which we fiscally sponsor and helped start.

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