We’re fighting for a world where decision-makers — including justice and immigration agencies — do no harm, are accountable to marginalized communities, and invest in the conditions needed for health for all.

Everyone deserves to live a healthy life where they can heal their pain, repair any harms they have caused, and thrive in community with one another. However, we know criminalization, police surveillance, and mass incarceration and detention threaten both public safety and health equity.

Through our research and advocacy activities with grassroots partners, we’re taking action for justice and health equity.

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Our Strategies
  • Make it tangible by winning justice reform policies and budget campaigns
  • Make it scalable by building the base of public health workers advocating for justice and liberation
  • Make it real by ensuring accountability to equity in the implementation of justice policies and practices
  • Make it sustainable by shifting culture and activating narratives that nurture health equity
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