Our criminal justice work is about advancing policies and practices grounded in health and wellbeing.

We envision a society that promotes and secures health, safety, and racial equity — in which the justice and public health systems have been transformed to create the social, economic, and political conditions needed for all people, families, and communities to thrive.

Through our research and advocacy activities with grassroots partners, we are building the capacity of public health agencies to engage in criminal justice reform.

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Our Approach
  1. Advance an alternative vision for our criminal justice system
  2. Build partnerships between criminal justice reformers and public health practitioners
  3. Activate health professionals to engage in criminal justice reform
  4. Contribute to criminal justice reform victories that advance health, equity, and wellbeing


As part of this approach, we’re convening a national alliance of criminal justice reform advocates and public health practitioner allies who have done work at the nexus of incarceration, health, and health equity.

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