Engage HIP’s Economic Security Speakers Bureau to help bring public health framing and perspective to your organizing and movement campaigns

The field of public health recognizes economic security as one of the Social Determinants of Health – critical for the health of all people, and central to advancing health equity. At HIP, we have seen the power of public health professionals using their voices, data, expertise, and authority to speak out on critical economic justice issues from a health equity lens. Our organizing partners are often looking to bring health framing to their campaigns, and they have called on HIP to speak to these issues or to identify others in the public health field who can speak to the issues.

In an effort to broaden and deepen the network of public health folks available to support organizing partners and speak to the media on economic security and health, HIP recently convened and trained a national Economic Security Speakers Bureau. The speakers bureau consists of public health professionals from across the field who can act as a resource for movement and organizing partners who want to bring a public health framing and perspective to their campaigns.

Our participants have been trained as spokespeople using a values-based, transformational narrative on economic security and health equity developed by HIP.

The narrative is centered on the following four pillars:

  • Everyone deserves equitable and dignified opportunities to thrive
  • Wages and social programs should be equitable, restorative, and focused on uplifting health
  • Democracy should be meaningfully instilled in all work and workplaces
  • Our shared humanity and our responsibility to each other — and to the earth — must come first in designing economic policies and job environments

How speakers can support your campaign

Speakers are available to support your economic justice and workers’ rights campaign through public speaking and writing opportunities including:

  • Press conferences
  • Press interviews
  • Providing quotes
  • Public comment for hearings
  • Op-eds

Learn more about the Economic Security Speakers Bureau here

For additional support or with questions about how to engage the Economic Security Speakers Bureau, please contact HIP Organizing Project Director Sari Bilick at sari@humanimpact.org.