About Us

Our Mission

Human Impact Partners transforms the field of public health to center equity and builds collective power with social justice movements.


Our Vision

We envision a society that centers health, healing, and belonging. Everyone has what they need to thrive, and it’s our collective responsibility to take care of each other and cultivate equitable and just communities. All people have power to shape the culture, policies, and systems that impact their lives.
The public health field is rooted in health equity and racial justice, and upholds policies, practices, and systems to ensure health and well-being for those who need it most. Public health practice affirms each person’s humanity and our interconnectedness. The public health community bridges with social justice movements to build power and ensure equity.


Our Values

Structural Transformation

We will achieve health equity and racial justice by working collaboratively with social justice movements to transform systems and institutions across our environmental, economic, social, and political landscapes.

Centering the Heart

We lead with our humanity and the centrality of our relationships, making space to acknowledge how our bodies and hearts feel. We seek to build a sense of belonging and heal from the traumas of living in systems of advantage and oppression.

Racial Justice

We create conditions for people of color to be healthy and free. We will all only be truly free when we dismantle White supremacy, anti-Blackness, and other forms of intersecting oppression — so that our racial identity, income, gender, or ability do not limit our potential to thrive.

Authentic Democracy

We focus on building community power so that all people can collectively shape the policies and systems that impact our lives.


We believe it will take many people and organizations to achieve our vision. We partner with grassroots organizing groups and governments to build powerful relationships and alliances to transform our institutions and systems.

Emergent Practice

We believe adaptive and strategic risk taking are fundamental to transformation. We will always have much to learn, and as conditions change, we change.

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Our Strategies

We work with our partners across the following strategies:

  • Capacity Building — We provide training, technical assistance, and leadership development to support public health organizations and practitioners to take action on the social determinants of health and equity. Learn more about our capacity building
  • Advocacy — We amplify the use of public health research, expertise, framing, and communications to support targeted campaigns and movements. Learn more about our advocacy
  • Organizing — We are building a base of public health workers to take action on social determinants of health and equity as part of broader social justice movements.
  • Policy-Driven Research — We conduct policy-focused and participatory research to evaluate the health impacts of policies across a range of issues including criminal justice, economic security, immigration, housing, land use, and transportation. Browse our research

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Strategic technical assistance from HIP guided us through a two year transformational process that has deepened our health department’s health equity and social justice work.

— Ana Novais, Deputy Director, Rhode Island Department of Health

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