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Our model

We offer a unique training and Technical Assistance (TA) series, Building a Container & Foundation for Health Equity, as well as customized trainings, and tailored, hands-on consulting support.

We work with your team to create the conditions for change in a way that is appropriate and specific to your context, while encouraging experimentation and boldness to deepen and strengthen your health equity practice. We also offer partners connections to our national network of health department leaders and public health organizations, to share support and strategies from across the field.

Our training and technical assistance help public health organizations:
  • Deepen relationships and integrate the head and the heart
  • Advance equity and racial justice through structural solutions
  • Transform dominant narratives that impede true health equity
  • Build, shift, and share power with communities
  • Align with social movements
  • Cultivate visionary and strategic leadership to guide liberation culture
  • Connect to our nationwide health equity network

Our Capacity Building services

Building a Container & Foundation for Health Equity Series

This highly engaging and interactive series teaches foundational health equity and racial justice frameworks and analysis, and supports teams in building the trust and “container” necessary to do the hard work of addressing racism and other systems of oppression in our work, institutions, and relationships. The series is built around a set of sequential stages, including:

  • 3 foundational workshops:
    • Workshop 1: Building Your Container for Health Equity Work
    • Workshop 2: Building Your Analysis for Health Equity Work
    • Workshop 3: Building Your Strategy for Health Equity Work
  • 8 internal Community of Practice Sessions (CoPs)
  • Additional Technical Assistance hours

Building a Container & Foundation for Health Equity Series

Customized Consulting and Training

Whether your organization is in the beginning stages of discussing health equity strategies or deep into a comprehensive organization-wide journey, we offer customized consulting to help you design and implement meaningful strategies and projects that accelerate organizational growth. In addition to consulting support, we facilitate customized trainings on a variety of health equity topics, including narrative strategy, power mapping, and other areas that may fit your organization’s needs. Trainings can be virtual (minimum 3 hours; up to 50 participants) or in-person (minimum half day and up to 3 consecutive days; participant size varies).

Customized Technical Assistance & Training

Community of Practice 

HIP’s Community of Practice (CoP) is a space where public health practitioners come together to explore, discuss, and develop capacity and strategies to advance health equity across multiple stakeholders. The CoP model helps participants build authentic partnerships, work intentionally with the communities they serve, and act as meaningful partners to advance health and racial equity. We pair our CoP sessions with foundational workshops, technical assistance, and coaching on various topics to help public health practitioners learn new ways of being together and advance health equity more effectively.

Community of Practice

Our Team 

Our Capacity Building Moments multimedia series gives an intro to our team, and offers behind-the-scenes glimpses into our capacity building work. We share stories of the work we do and the people we do it with, featuring real-world scenarios, tips, resources, and learnings.


HIP has provided training and technical assistance to leadership and staff at myriad public health organizations, including state and local health departments, national public health associations, foundations, nonprofits, and others. Contact us for a list of partners.