| By Celia Harris |

As we launched our search for a summer 2015 intern, we did a little reflecting on the wonderful interns we have had over the last seven years, and the important contributions they have made to our organization. We wondered: Where are they now? How have they applied what they learned at HIP in their careers?

We caught up with a few former interns, and discovered some highlights of their professional paths — and a few fun facts too!

HIP interns are currently still employed in public health and urban planning careers.

Lisa Chen (2009): Urban Planner, San Francisco Planning Department (develops and implements policies focused on transportation, infrastructure finance, parks and open space, streetscape design, affordable housing, and food systems)

Allie Hu (2012): Health Program Planner, San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) (works on changing policies to prevent chronic diseases in San Francisco communities that have historically experienced health inequities)

Trent Johnson (2011): Project Manager, Stanford Prevention Research Center (studies the tobacco retailer environment and how it affects tobacco use behavior, and informs policies that will reduce youth tobacco use)

Terry Minjares (2008): Planner, La Clinica de la Raza (conducts grants and contracts management)

Kimmy Puccetti (2012): Recent MPH/MCP graduate

Sara Satinsky (2009): Research Associate, Human Impact Partners (conducts HIAs, healthy public policy projects, and capacity-building in these skills)

Brooke Staton (2013-14): Student, UC Berkeley (working toward Masters in Urban Planning and Masters in Public Health degrees)

Tina Yuen (2009): Recently left her position as Senior Program Analyst at National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), and is now an independent consultant in California working on environmental health and community health-related topics

HIP interns value equity in their work.

Lisa: In order to convey the need to routinely consider health equity as a part of all decision-making processes in a city planning department, she has discovered that it helps to find opportunities where health equity overlaps with co-benefits that others prioritize, such as sustainability and economic development.

Allie: Since she works in the Community Health and Equity Promotion Branch of the Community Transportation Initiative, the entire scope of her work at SFDPH addresses racial/ethnic, gender, and age-based health inequities in the city of San Francisco. In addition to stratifying all data by these characteristics, her research also engages community members from neighborhoods experiencing health disparities.

Trent: His research looks at racial, ethnic, and income disparities in tobacco marketing, pricing, and distribution.

Terry: He supports managers in managing grants and contracts whose programs address health and equity.

Kimmy: In her future career she hopes to contribute an equity lens by partnering with both providers and social agencies in data coordination efforts.

Sara: As a HIP staffer, she continues to prioritize equity throughout her work. In addition, shortly after her internship she brought a health and equity lens to her work at University of North Carolina by researching how pedestrian and bicycle master planning relates to health.

Brooke: As a master’s student at UC Berkeley, she actively chooses classes that focus on equity and social justice.

Tina: At USEPA, she worked on improving USEPA’s effort to incorporate community engagement in research efforts, and to include equity and environmental justice in regulatory development. In addition, she has participated in the Society of Practitioners of HIA’s (SOPHIA’s) Equity in HIA working group.

HIP interns have fun!

Since their internships, they have…

Lisa: traveled to Xian, China and conducted a rapid HIA of a bus rapid transit (BRT) project

Allie: climbed up Half Dome and caught the sun rising above Yosemite Valley

Trent: completed the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon in 2013

Kimmy: learned to ride a motorbike in Thailand

Sara: discovered the joys of baking pies and bread

Brooke: learned how to call howler monkeys in Costa Rica, an awesome skill which unfortunately led to one peeing on her head!

Tina: drove across the country from SF to NYC with a good friend

We are currently searching for more smart, exciting, fun, and equity-focused interns! Applications for summer internships are being accepted through February 16.