There’s no way around it: we are heartbroken. The election of misogyny, White supremacy, and LGBTQ hate into the White House in 2016 is a blow to our hearts, our minds, and our souls. We are in deep pain for the many who already live in trepidation of their rights, for our own families, and for ourselves. And yet—we know we must move past grief and into action.

We cannot compromise on dignity and humanity for all—regardless of gender, race, immigration status, religion, sexual orientation, involvement with the justice system, or able-ness.

In the face of what’s to come, it’s time for all of us to take stock: how does our work need to change to account for the reality before us? What is the role of public health to support and protect people’s lives? And for us at Human Impact Partners, how can we use the power of public health to further social justice?

We aren’t yet sure how to proceed but are eager to figure that out with many of you. What we know is that everyone across public health needs to be a part of driving down hate and dehumanization. It must not be allowed to operate in the light of day. It can’t be normalized. We must rally together on the front lines against hate!

Let’s all come back next week stronger, determined to take on whatever comes next.


Ana, Celia, Dawn, Gus, Holly, Jonathan, Kim, Logan, Lili, Mara, and Sara